Invisible Tech...

by Nick Annies

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I find this kind of stuff fascinating, not really because of the tech aspect (I actually hate tech, give me a pencil and paper anytime) but the fact that more and more 'real' physical things are being replaced by tech that relies on proprietary input/output systems to actually work and function, and be understood. 

Take WiFi for instance. In the past signals were sent down physical wires from output to input, one end to the other. Now signals are passed through the air, with no physical link. Soon I doubt we will need encoders and decoders as we'll figure out a way to use our brains to do that, or have implants that will allow that. 

More and more information is becoming virtual and invisible. No wonder most of the Egyptian and Mayan technology is non-existent, apart from what they encoded into stone and bone. My gut feel is that they too developed to such an advanced stage that they no longer needed physical objects or devices to encode/decode energy and data.

What we could end up with is a society that is so advanced that if it were to jump or disappear overnight, there would be no visible trace of it's existence. Interesting stuff, isn't it?