The Origins Of Pride & Prejudice

by Nick Annies


The Origins Of Pride & Prejudice

The Origins Of Pride & Prejudice - I remember many years ago reading a course book on Psychology and one of the chapters was entitled 'The origins of prejudice', and it caught my imagination and has done ever since, it's a statement that continues to come back to me again and again.

We often take our prejudices for granted or just accept them, but what actually happened in our lives to make them cement so much into our very being?

Were they there from the beginning, in our very DNA, or were they learned from our environment, our experiences? When do we first become aware that we have these discriminatory tendencies? When do we first become aware that they are discriminatory?

I am embarking on a journey to try to understand not only what prejudice is, but also what pride is - that thing we feel in our heart and body when something makes us proud - but why? How does this work, and what is it? Where does it come from?

This article will be entitled 'The Origins Of Pride & Prejudice', which combines many different meanings, which we will follow the threads of in the article...